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Online Nutrition Consultation

Hi!  I want to help you improve your wellbeing and happiness. Online, I provide private and personal 1:1-coaching and assist you in transforming the way you look at and understand food. I support you step-by-step, converting your journey to a more happy and self-understanding life. I offer consultation for your health, wellbeing, and/or weight loss.… Continue reading Online Nutrition Consultation

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Eating By Hand

Have you ever tried to eat by hand? It is most enjoyable! Watch children eat by hand. How much fun they have playing with food. Ayurvedic Aspect The practice of eating by hand is historic and based on the cultural view that eating is a sensual activity, and touch is part of the experience along… Continue reading Eating By Hand

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Nad Brahma Talks

Learn about the powers the ancient practised and how we are connected to the power of creation. Learn about an ancient science of life written thousands of years ago although it is still as accurate and valuable as ever. Ayurveda is an ancient science of life. It contains the oldest medical advices and teaches us,… Continue reading Nad Brahma Talks