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The Art of Cooking

Annapurna Devi In India, cooking and eating is an important part of daily life. The Mother Goddess Annapurna Devi is the giver of food and nourishment. The Sanskrit word ‘Anna‘ means grains or food, and ‘Purna’ denotes full, complete, and perfect. Annapurna is the daughter of the King of the Mountains and the consort of… Continue reading The Art of Cooking

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The Creation of the Five Great Elements

This is an attempt to find a simplified understanding and explanation for the creation of the 5 Great Elements. It is a vast and very complicated subject and I can only explain it imperfectly and incompletely. The Building Blocks - Tanmatra The Veda states that from the union of the eternal Creative Force ‘Purusha’ and… Continue reading The Creation of the Five Great Elements

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Tejas – The Vital Energies, Part II

Teja relates to Pitta, to Agni. It is the fire of our digestion and the intelligence of our body. While Ojas contains the element Kapha with the elements earth and water to stabilize us and keep us in the flow, Prana is the air we breathe and contains the element Vata. Tejas is the intelligence of our body and… Continue reading Tejas – The Vital Energies, Part II