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Prana – The Vital Energies, Part III

Prana is the air we breathe and connects to Vata. It resides in the heart and is responsible for our kinetic energy. While Ojas is Kapha, with earth and water and stabilizes us and keeps us in the river. Teja relates to fire called Pitta. It is the fire in our body to digest everything, and… Continue reading Prana – The Vital Energies, Part III

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The Five Great Elements

The Origin Of The Universe The Indian Vedic scripture state that in the beginning, there was no existence nor non-existence. There was no time, no space, no-nothing. In this absolute void, an entity emerged through an inexplicable intent by means of energy and fire, Brahman was created. Awareness and consciousness emerged, and everything arose from it. The desire… Continue reading The Five Great Elements

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Ayurveda – A Remarkable Ancient Tradition Still Alive

Ayurveda dates from the Vedic period in India. It is a part of the Atharva-Veda, the 4th book of the sacred Indian scriptures. It is the oldest known medical treatise and uses herbal tinctures, minerals, and metal substances to treat patients. These ancient texts even taught surgical techniques, including rhinoplasty, kidney stone extractions, suturing, and… Continue reading Ayurveda – A Remarkable Ancient Tradition Still Alive