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Online Nutrition Consultation

Hi!  I want to help you improve your wellbeing and happiness. Online, I provide private and personal 1:1-coaching and assist you in transforming the way you look at and understand food. I support you step-by-step, converting your journey to a more happy and self-understanding life. I offer consultation for your health, wellbeing, and/or weight loss.… Continue reading Online Nutrition Consultation

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Tejas – The Vital Energies, Part II

Teja relates to Pitta, to Agni. It is the fire of our digestion and the intelligence of our body. While Ojas contains the element Kapha with the elements earth and water to stabilize us and keep us in the flow, Prana is the air we breathe and contains the element Vata. Tejas is the intelligence of our body and… Continue reading Tejas – The Vital Energies, Part II

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Prana – The Vital Energies, Part III

Prana is the air we breathe and connects to Vata. It resides in the heart and is responsible for our kinetic energy. While Ojas is Kapha, with earth and water and stabilizes us and keeps us in the river. Teja relates to fire called Pitta. It is the fire in our body to digest everything, and… Continue reading Prana – The Vital Energies, Part III