About me

about me

Rosie SaRan

Ayurvedic Nutritionist


My name is Rosie. Are you wondering, what my life looks like, and how I discovered Ayurveda? Well, at 23, I met an astonishing Indian bow-instrument called Sarangi. Thus, I went to India for around 15 years to learn Indian Classical Music.

Life in India influenced my way of life very much, and soon I started eating according to my Dosha. I expanded my knowledge by reading many books on Ayurveda, philosophy and music. The connections between the different ancient Indian sciences fascinate me. It deepens my belief that everything is interconnected.

Food and its effects on the body intrigue me, and I continue to learn and take various courses. I am convinced that our body knows what we need. Our body tries to communicate with us and tells us what is good for us, and which diet suits best. Thus, the most important thing for a healthy and balanced life is to listen to our body. Ayurveda supports us by defined Doshas (Body Constitution or Energetic Body). They explain what is good for our body and where it is better to reduce or to refrain from something.

Making changes is not easy. Every step we take brings us closer to our true being, to our inner light, and to the great source that manifests as the universe.

Ayurveda Diploma

Ayurveda Diploma

Raw Vegan Nutritionist