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A Different Cooking Class

In spring 2017, my restaurant in Bali was already open for more than one year. I had three staff in my small viewpoint restaurant. A male chef and two girls managed the rooftop eatery with a fantastic view on Mount Agung and the wide-open ocean to the north. Agung is the highest volcano in Bali… Continue reading A Different Cooking Class

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A Vegan Travel Experience

About four years ago, I decided to move to Southeast Asia after a couple of years back in my birth country Switzerland. After arriving in Thailand, I went to one of the bigger islands in Thailand, where I found a bungalow on the beach in a smaller bay. It was summer in the middle of… Continue reading A Vegan Travel Experience

Jerusalem Artichoke
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Bitter – The Orphan Taste

Karela is an Asian bitter gourd vegetable. Usually served fried or in a gravy. In today's world, food ingredients containing a bitter taste are almost absent. The most common known bitter bean is coffee.  Ayurveda Evaluation In Ayurveda, the evaluation of benefits for the body is distinguished with 6 different taste. Please see my previous… Continue reading Bitter – The Orphan Taste