Vata Dosha

Vata Dosha - Ether & Air


  • Light
  • Dry
  • Mobile
  • Subtle
  • Cool
  • Rough
  • Clear
  • Irregular
  • Inconsistent

Vata People are very creative, airy, flexible, proactive and open-minded people. Vata love excitements and new experiences, they are very curious but quickly bored. They forget just as easily as they learn. Because of aversion to a routine, they lead an erratic life. 

Their sensory system acts more intensely than others; making them feel pain more acutely, or loud noise is less tolerable.

They tend to rapid fluctuation in their energy levels. Often they try to sustain with coffee, rather than admitting tiredness and exhaustion. In stressful situations, a racing mind can cause anxiety, insomnia, and unintentional weight loss.

Warmth, stability, and constancy ground the ‘etherical’ Dosha. Slowing down, meditating, eating regularly, and getting to bed early maintains balance. Warm oil massages soothe the overactive nervous system.

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