Pitta-Kapha Dosha

Pitta-Kapha Dosha - Fire & Earth


  • sharp
  • hard
  • heavy
  • liquid
  • strong 
  • slightly oily 
  • spreading

Pitta-Kapha people probably adjusts best to the confusion, irregularity and constant changes of today’s world. Many people who achieve all-round success in life are Pitta-Kapha who combine Kapha stability with Pitta adaptability. The active Pitta metabolism balances the powerful Kapha physique to promote good physical health, and the Pitta anger is well tempered by Kapha’s cautiousness to encourage good mental balance.

Because Vata is minimised they need the dryness of introspection or spiritual discipline, and the irregularity of exposure to unpredictable situations to prevent overconfidence.

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