Ayurvedic Nutrition

What is Ayurveda?

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Ayurveda is a holistic approach to longevity, rejuvenation, and self-realization. Ayurveda, Yoga and Tantra, are the ancient disciplines to ultimately find enlightenment.

  • Yoga – The Science of Union with the Divine – with Truth. 
  • Tantra – The Method to control the Ultimate Union with Truth. 
  • Ayurveda – The Science of Life. 

The Elements

The 5 Elements

At the creation of the universe, the “Five Great Elements” arouse from the energies of consciousness – Ether/Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Every substance in the whole universe is made by the 5 Great Elements. Everything we consume, and every action we perform, reinforces or attenuates the natural qualities and attributes of these characteristics.

Everything that exists in the external universe has its counterpart in a living being’s own personal internal universe. The Macro-cosmos exists within the micro-cosmos and the micro-cosmos exists within the macro-cosmos.

The Three Energies

The 3 Energies, Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva

There are 3 energies that influence our life and can be controlled with your eating habits.

  • Vital Forces – Ojas, Tejas Prana
  • Gunas (Energetic Levels) – Sattva, Raja, Tamas
  • Dosha (Biological Forces – Vata, Pitta, Kapha

Vital Forces


Subtle body energies perceive your nutrients and mental stimulation (thoughts) and translate them into your body’s cellular makeup. These forces are elements of the immune system and are manifested from the end products of the food, images, air and fluids that we humans take in on a daily basis.

  • Ojas is the essence of all bodily tissues, giving strong immunity and vigour. Without Ojas, we cease to live. Ojas can be gained from pure bliss (Ananda) and healthy food. By maximising your sense of inner peace and harmony, the stronger is your immune system.
  • Tejas governs various processes in the body such as temperature regulation, cell functioning, and balance maintaining. It helps to create and protect Ojas, which, in turn, supports Prana. Tejas enables digestion of food, emotions, thoughts, and ideas.
  • Prana is the life force that enters us at conception and departs at our death. It directs and embodies our whole existence. Prana Shakti is the force in your body created by the food you eat and the air you inhale.

The Gunas

Gunas - Indra, Agni, Soma

The Gunas are the interactions of 3 forces that create a harmonious flow of creation, maintenance and destruction. They are the foundation of all existence.

  • Sattva Guna is the essence. It is a state of balance, purity, truth, creativity, happiness, and knowledge. Its characteristic are calmness, spirituality, quiet, intelligence and health consciousness.
  • Rajas Guna is movement. It is the kinetic energy. It drives ambition, perfectionism, ego, restlessness, and aggression.
  • Tamas Guna is inertia. It leaves you dull, heavy, lazy, depressed, self-interested, bad-humoured, and materialistic.

The Doshas

Doshas - Vata, Pitta, Kapha

A Dosha is a biological energy that controls the physical, mental and psychological system.

  • Vata is the principle of kinetic energy in the body. It governs the nervous system, and controls all body movements.
  • Pitta controls the body’s balance of kinetic and potential energies. Pitta governs metabolism, digestion, and thought processing. 
  • Kapha, the principle of potential energy. It controls body stability and lubrication.