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I want to help you improve your wellbeing and happiness. Online, I provide private and personal 1:1-coaching and assist you in transforming the way you look at and understand food. I support you step-by-step, converting your journey to a more happy and self-understanding life. I offer consultation for your health, wellbeing, and/or weight loss. A consultation includes a personal Dosha Reading and you receive full documentation about Ayurvedic nutrition, your Dosha and corresponding food lists. I help you create a menu plan to improve your health, immune system, and/or to lose weight. Just start talking to me.

I, Rosie, am an Ayurvedic Nutritionist. I discovered this ancient living tradition while living in India and finally gained international accreditation. You find more about Ayurvedic Nutrition and me here. Consultations are available in English and German.

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Ayurvedic Nutrition Consultation

Weight Loss Consultation

Ayurveda Nutrition Consultation
Weight Loss Consultation

Improve your life and wellbeing with an Ayurvedic Nutrition Consultation. I help you find your ideal diet obtaining a balanced state of being. This Course includes an introduction into an Ayurvedic lifestyle and a determination of your body constitution – Dosha. You will receive full documentation including Dosha related food lists. I can help you make the change by providing personalised menu planning.

You want to lose weight and improve your life and wellbeing? In this personalised Weight Loss Consultation, you will easily change your food habits, step-by-step without a feeling of missing on something. You will find that you understand your body and its language better, learn to listen to yourself and improve your general wellbeing. Menu plans and continuous feedback help your determination and perseverance.

Personal & Online

The Consultation is fully online For me it is important to support you personally to your full satisfaction.


You will receive lots of information on Ayurvedic Nutrition. All material is available as pdf or E-Book.


My costs are low due to my living preferences and is comparable to monthly fitness training.

Let’s change something together.

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