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The Gunas

Besides of the Doshas and your constitution, there are 2 other important energies that influences our body, as well as the Universe.

At the creation of the universe, 3 states of consciousness’ or energies came into being called the 3 Gunas which translates as ‘ropes that bind us to the physical world’. The interaction of the 3 forces form a unique and harmonious flow of creation, maintenance and destruction. They are the foundation of all existence and contained in every individual’s constitution. 

  • SATTVA GUNAEssence  – Balance, truth, creativity, happiness, knowledge, spirituality, intelligence, consciousness 
  • RAJAS GUNAMovement  – Kinetic energy (active energy), ambition, ego, perfectionism, restlessness, aggression 
  • TAMAS GUNAInertia  – Restfulness, heaviness, materialism, self-interest, laziness, depression 

Raja is the vital force that moves the organic and inorganic universes to Sattva and Tamas. Three ‘Great Beings’ govern the universe, known as Agni, Soma, and Indra, who appear to us as the Sun, the Moon, and the Wind. From these the 3 Doshas – ‘Ayurvedic  Constitutions’ evolved.

Different foods and food combinations can affect our energy levels known as the Gunas.

  • SATTVA – potential energy – linked to light nourishing foods 
  • RAJAS – kinetic energy from energising foods 
  • TAMAS – Inertia, caused by heavy, hard to digest foods 

Food is deemed highly influential on our minds and emotional state. Eating and digestion are the act of ingesting and assimilating the very essence of creation, turning it into life’s building blocks in terms of the bodily tissues. 

SATTVIC FOOD – Sweet and cooling with a calming effect on the mind

  • Dairy Products 
  • Fruits
  • Honey
  • Nuts
  • Wheat

RAJASIC FOOD –  Stimulating and rousing, highly spiced and hard to stop eating 

  • Salty Foods 
  • Spicy Foods 
  • Alcohol 
  • Onion & Garlic 
  • Caffeinated Drinks 

TAMASIC FOOD – Dulling of the mind, increase laziness, feelings of pessimism. Try not to include regularly in your diet, and avoid during illness. 

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4 thoughts on “The Gunas”

  1. Indra, Soma, and Surya older manifestations than Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. I therefore concluded that these 3 entities reflect the three states of nature, sattvic – Indra, rajasic – Surya, and tamasic – Soma. Soma is co-related to the moon which represents the female aspect, i.e. intuition, subconsciousness, unconsciousness.

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