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Coconuts – The Fruit of Life

In Indian Mythology the coconut tree is a tree of life. It grants all wishes and provides all the necessities of life. It is used as a sacrifice in the temple and comprises several meanings. The Sanskrit word is ‘Sriphala’ – the Fruit of God. The marks on the coconut represent the three-eyed Lord Shiva. Breaking a coconut signifies the destruction of the Ego, and its water is a metaphor for ‘Soma’ – Drink of immortality. The Asian people know to harvest many things from the whole tree like coconut water, coconut meat, leaves for baskets, hats, and even walls, bark for making fire… The coconut is a sattvic fruit, it is sacred, pure, and health-giving because of its many nutritional benefits.

  • Fresh Coconut Water is cooling, soothing and anti-inflammatory for your skin and gut. The water of the young coconut prevents dehydration and is one of the highest sources of electrolytes. It lubricates, repairs the gastrointestinal tract, and all in all it has life-restoring capacity.
  • Fresh Coconut Meat helps to restore tissue damages and is a rich source of healthy fats, proteins, and various vitamins and minerals. oconuts are highly nutritious, rich in fibre and with lots of essential vitamin, proteins, and minerals. They help reduce stress and they also improve skin complexion. The older the coconut is, the more carbohydrates, protein, minerals, phosphorus, and vitamins A, B, and C is formed. The name coconut is misleading because it is a fruit and not a type of nut, people suffering from nut allergy can eat them without hesitation.
  • Coconut Oil consists of saturated fat, but it differs from the high-calorie, cholesterol-enriched, long-chain saturated oils. It is rich in medium-chain fatty acids that promote metabolism and support fat loss. Coconut oil can be easy metabolized and does not stick to your stomach as fat, but is burned as energy. It helps detoxify the body and balance the digestive tract. In Cooking coconut oil is one of the most stable oils at high heat. It does not form harmful by-products like other vegetable oils when heated. You also can bake with this oil and make delicious raw vegan desserts.
  • Coconut Sugar is a low-glycemic food and is diabetic-friendly.

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