Find Happiness, Inner Peace and Balance with Ayurveda

Listen to the Voice of Your Body

with the Help of Ayurveda Nutrition.

Experience has shown me that our body has a wonderful ability to communicate with us. With a Personal Dosha Test, you not only get to know your Ayurvedic constitution. You will understand why and for what reason your body reacts to a certain food.

I offer face-to-face talks, direct or by video, to fully address all of your health questions. You will understand your metabolism better, love yourself and your body more.

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My blogs tell you about the magic of food and spices, the Indian, and Vedic view of life.

Nad Brahma means ‘The Sound of Creation’. The Vedas state, in the beginning, out from an unknown non-existence, massive energies set into motion, generating vibrations and sound. Then, the whole universe emerged.